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Looking For Flower Pots For Sale

7 June 2013
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog

Mother's Day was just around the corner, and I was in charge of getting gifts for all of the mothers in our congregation at church. Last year, we had given each mother some cookies, and I wanted to do something a little different this year. I wanted to give each mother their own potted plant or flower. I knew this would take some time and a little bit more money than our pastor would anticipate, but I also thought it was a good idea. I called a local flower shop to see if they had several flower pots for sale. They indicated that they just had a few, but that I should check with a home improvement store to see if they had flower pots for sale in bulk that I could buy at a discounted price. I called a home improvement store and asked them if they could help me out. They indeed had several flower pots that I could purchase at a great price. They also had flowers that I could buy to plant in each of the pots. The rep in whom I spoke with said that because of such a large purchase for the flower pots, he would give me the flowers at a discount rate as well. Mother's Day was a beautiful day at our church that Sunday. Each of the mothers loved their potted flowers.