Need To Purchase A Pressure Transmitter? Tips To Help You Choose The Right One

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Need To Purchase A Pressure Transmitter? Tips To Help You Choose The Right One

6 April 2017
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A pressure transmitter is used to measure how much pressure is exerted by liquid or gas. The transmitter also controls the pressure levels on the flow of fluid or gas, as well as the speed. When shopping for a pressure transmitter you will find different types. Below is some more information about this so you will choose the right one for you.

Choose the Type of Pressure Measurements

When looking at pressure transmitters you will see they can perform different types of pressure measurements, and the amounts are displayed in different units. One type of pressure measurement you will find is absolute pressure, which measures the vacuum pressure. In most cases, vacuum pressure is lower when compared to atmospheric pressure. Another type of pressure measurement is gage pressure, which measures the atmospheric pressure.

Choose the Type of Pressure Transducers

One type of pressure transducer is a pressure flow meter, which is able to handle both fluid and gas. A pressure transducer can also work well under harsh environments as it is resistant to cold and heat.

Another type of pressure transducer is known as ALDP-3051, which uses digital technology and a microprocessor that allows you to determine both absolute and differential pressure. This type can also self diagnose itself so you will know if there are any problems and get them repaired quickly.

Another type of pressure transducer is the ALDPWG meter. This meter is used to measure the pressure of liquids that have a high viscosity, such as waste water, dirty liquids, and oil. You can also use this meter to measure gas and steam.

Choose a Calibrated Pressure Transmitter

When you start looking at different types of pressure transmitters, you will see that there are pressure transmitters that are calibrated and ones that are not. Even though you will likely save money by choosing one that is not calibrated, you should spend more to purchase one that is calibrated. Being calibrated is important because this ensures you will get the correct readings each time you use it.

If you purchase one that is not calibrated, there are companies that can calibrate the pressure transmitter for you. This is important as if you do the calibration on your own and do it incorrectly, this will cost your company lost time and money.

Talk with a manufacturer like coopercontrols Inc. that sells pressure transmitters and they can give you much more information about them.