3 Things To Know About Working With Copper

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3 Things To Know About Working With Copper

1 October 2017
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If you have something specific that you need fabricated, and you are trying to figure out what material to make the tubs out of, you should consider using copper tubes. Copper has many specific advantages as a material. 

#1 Corrosion Resistant

When working with tubes, one of the things that you have to fight back against is corrosion. Corrosion can really hamper any project that you are working on. If you know that the tubing will be exposed to moisture on a prolonged and continuous basis, you want to use a material that will stand up all that moisture without becoming corroded. 

Copper is great for moist environments because it is corrosion resistant. That means that the copper you are working with will not break down. It will not develop rust. The moisture in the area where your tubing is located will not compromise the integrity of the tubing. 

#2 Lightweight

Next, copper is a really lightweight metal. The lightweight nature of copper makes it really easy to work with. It makes it easy to manipulate and form the tubing to your exact specifications. This can also help reduce the labor costs of having custom tubing fabricated for your project. Working with copper is a great way to save money on the project that you are working on because the labor costs are low and copper itself is not an expensive metal to purchase. 

If you need the tubing to be lightweight after you install it, and you are trying to keep down the weight of the project that you are creating, copper is one of the best materials to work with. It will help you keep your project lightweight over the long-term.

Another advantage of copper being lightweight is that you can create long sections of stand-alone tubing that doesn't need additional support structures in place around it. If you are trying to cut down on space and additional support structures within your project, copper tubing can assist you with that.

#3 Environmentally Friendly

If you are trying to make your project environmentally friendly, copper is a great material to go with. Copper is a metal that occurs naturally, it does not include a huge manufacturing process light plastic tubing. Plastic tubing creates a high degree of emission into the environment. 

Additionally, when you are done with your project and need to take it apart, copper is very easy to recycle and melt back to its original form. Contact a company like Monumental Supply Company for more information and assistance.