Four Things You Should Know About Military Cable

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Four Things You Should Know About Military Cable

23 October 2018
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Choosing the right military cable for your application is of vital importance to maintaining safety and ensuring reliability. It's important that your operation conducts the necessary research to find the best military cable product for your needs.

To get started, there are a few basics that you need to be aware of regarding military cable and mil spec wiring. The following are four things you should know about military cable.

Military cable is designed to stand up to harsh environments.

The most important characteristic of military cable is that it's designed to withstand rigors that damage standard cable. Military cable must be able to withstand the demands of environments that are harsh in several ways.

Not only is military cable designed to withstand temperature extremes, but it also must hold up against impact damage and fire damage. Military environments are challenging and unforgiving, but military cable must exhibit the power and the strength to remain undamaged by them.

Military cable is also designed to offer reliability in emergency situations.

It's not acceptable for military grade cable to malfunction when it's needed. Maintaining communication during emergencies is essential to a successful military operation.

The technology that goes into producing fiber optic cables for military environments must be reliable and ensure continuous operations whenever communication equipment is needed. Even a momentary lag in communication during emergencies could lead to the loss of lives in a military situation. 

Different types of military cable are custom designed to meet the needs of specific applications

There are many applications that need to be fulfilled with military cable. For this reason, there are many products to choose from.

Military grade cable can be needed for both vehicles like aircraft and ground vehicles and stationary sites like ISO shelters and medical facilities. Some of the most basic application types for military cable are SATCOM communications, broadband networking, collision avoidance systems, and cockpit instrumentation.

Lightweight military cable design allows for greater fuel efficiency of vehicles and more payload capacity where applicable.

New technologies can allow modern military cable to offer durability and reliability while also featuring lightweight constructions. 

Minimizing the weight of military cable is important for a variety of reasons. Lightweight cable is helpful when the engineering and design of various vehicles and pieces of machinery are considered.

Cable for military equipment can be long enough to reach heavy weights that can impact cargo capacity and payload capacity. Military cable components can also be so heavy that they impact fuel efficiency.

Lightweight cable can therefore increase payload capacity and fuel efficiency.