4 Critical Things to Consider When Installing a New Gate

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4 Critical Things to Consider When Installing a New Gate

23 June 2021
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Are you planning to build a new home or upgrade your gate? Gates are your home's first line of defense. They also offer aesthetic benefits and add value to your property. When buying a new gate, it is not always easy to choose the right one due to the wide variety of options in the market. Fortunately, this piece will guide you through the process by offering some critical things to consider when looking for a gate.

1. Type of Gate

How do you envision the gate opening? Some gates are one-sided and swing to the side when opening. Your other alternative would be a double swinging gate with locks at the center. You may also find the bi-fold swing a great option.

Although not as common as swinging gates, sliding options are also on the market. They are recommended for properties seated on an inclining lane or uneven ground. Your ultimate choice of the gate will mainly depend on your gate's functionality and your taste.

2. Material

Generally, there are two common materials used to design gates. The most common is metal, followed by wood. While wooden materials are relatively cheap to acquire, they are prone to damage associated with pest infestation and rot. Wooden gates may also require several maintenance practices.

On the other hand, metal gates are attractive, firm, and durable. Although sometimes vulnerable to rust, all they demand is occasional painting to remain in good shape. However, metal gates are more expensive. You can consider either of the options, depending on your budget and your security concerns.

3. Size and Style

Gates come in various shapes and sizes. Large gates are mainly recommended for properties with expansive entrance and exit points. They are generally suited for equally large properties, while small gates are often erected on small properties. However, you may deem it fit to install a small side gate at one section of your property.

The style of your property could influence the style of your gate. Explore various styles ranging from ultra-modern, contemporary, basic, and taditional. Ensure that the gate complements the design of your house.

4. Pricing

The price of a gate is an important factor to consider when installing a gate. Generally, decorative pieces such as wrought-iron gates are often expensive compared to wooden pieces. Details such as design and style may also make gates pricier.

Take your time when purchasing gates to ensure you make a great investment. These four factors will guide you through the journey and help you make an informed decision.

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