Hydraulic Cylinder Rebuild - Reasons To Let A Professional Shop Handle It

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Hydraulic Cylinder Rebuild - Reasons To Let A Professional Shop Handle It

14 February 2023
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Thanks to hydraulic cylinder rebuilds, these components don't necessarily have to be replaced when they break down over time. It's just important that you hire a professional shop for this rebuild process. They'll provide a couple of key things.

Perform Detailed Wear Assessments

One of the more common problems with hydraulic cylinders that are older is wear. Different components can experience wear and it's important to find out which parts these are when performing a hydraulic cylinder rebuild.

In that case, you'll want to work with a professional shop. They can perform detailed assessments to check for part wear, focusing on components like seals, pistons, rods, and end caps. Any wear that's identified will be documented and then a restoration plan will be put together. This way, you can make the most out of this rebuild and continue to get optimal performance from a hydraulic cylinder.

Take a Personal Approach

Hydraulic cylinder rebuilds can play out in different ways. It just depends on what parts are damaged and how severe the damage is. When you hire a professional shop to take on this rebuild process, they will take a personal approach.

They'll tailor their rebuild strategies around your specific hydraulic cylinder, which can help you get the most from this restoration. The shop will first take your hydraulic cylinder apart and then inspect the parts one by one. They can then plan relevant restorations and part replacements that are needed for a well-performing hydraulic cylinder that you can depend on once again.

Support Large Hydraulic Cylinders

Some hydraulic cylinders are massive in size. It would probably be difficult for you to rebuild these components yourself. Instead, you should work with a professional repair shop because they'll have the resources and environment to support large hydraulic cylinders in a controlled, safe manner.

For instance, a professional shop might have cranes that can be used to move large hydraulic cylinders around and break them down piece by piece. The shop also will have enough manpower to properly support large hydraulic cylinders throughout a rebuild. This way, the rebuild process doesn't drag out at any point.

If your work operations rely on hydraulic cylinders, there will eventually be problems with these systems that warrant repairs and restorations. Hydraulic cylinder rebuilds might thus be necessary. As long as you let professionals help you with this restorative process, you can quickly get your hydraulic cylinder back up to optimal standards.