Need Metal Pieces Made? Here Are Some Ways To Cut Costs

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Need Metal Pieces Made? Here Are Some Ways To Cut Costs

13 April 2016
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If you have never had metal pieces manufactured for your business before and you want to save some money on your project, it is natural that you would talk with local fabrication shops to see which can offer you the best price. However, there are other things you can do to cut costs. Use the following money-saving tips when designing your pieces so that you can expect lower fabrication costs.

Understand Which Machines May Be Needed for Your Pieces

Both the labor and machinery required to manufacture your pieces affect how much you'll end up paying a fabrication shop. That's why you need to have a better understanding of which machines will be needed for your project. Pieces made with a drill press are likely to be priced differently than prices made with a laser cutting machine, for example, as a laser cutting machine requires less people to operate the machine. If your pieces are made with a punch press, the work can be done at one station; different methods may mean the metal is cut more than once and needs to be done at more than one station, which could result in higher costs.

Pick More Affordable Materials and Finishes

Depending on the use of your pieces, you might be able to make affordable choices that can help you cut costs. For example, you might automatically assume that you want your pieces made of stainless steel. Stainless steel is more attractive and looks more finished than other options, but it is also typically more expensive because it is not as easy for machines to cut. Not only that, but your pieces may be internal components so that attractiveness is not as much of an issue. You might then decide to go with a duller cold-rolled steel that is acceptable and less costly.

The finishes you select for your pieces can also affect cost. If your concern is that the pieces are durable, you might opt for a blackening effect instead of buff polishing, for instance.

Use Simple Lines

The shape of your pieces can also affect how much they cost to make. Clean, simple lines are typically more affordable than pieces with unusual shapes, which are not produced as quickly. During the design stage, work to make the pieces as simple as possible.

When you consider the above tips as you conceptualize your project, you will be better able to control costs when you need to have your pieces fabricated. Consult nearby fabrication shops such as Suburban Welding & Steel LLC for more information.