Using Metal Stamping in an Industrial Setting

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Using Metal Stamping in an Industrial Setting

6 April 2017
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Stamping metal is a common practice that has several different purposes depending on the tools equipment used. Many different materials can be stamped, shaped, or changed using this process and there are are many different methods that can be used to complete the work. In some cases, stamping can be used to mark a material, in other cases, it may be used to completely change it and create something from the metal. Here are some examples of how metal stamping can be used.

Marking Materials

Sometimes a material will be used in manufacturing that has to be identified but may not be clearly different from similar materials used in the same facility. Stamping can be used to mark the material, either by hand or with a machine. The identifying mark in pressed into the metal with a stamp and pressure. Early stamping was often down with a die and a hammer, but now it is more common to be done with a press and extreme pressure.

Forming Metal Through Stamping

Another common use for metal stamping is to reshape the material. Toolmakers can make a die to fit in a large press that will produce a specific shape in the material being stamped. Once the material is inserted into the press, pressure is applied and the die then forms the metal into the shape required. The process is an efficient way to create a part or produce many times and keep them consistent. It is a common way to mass produce a product or process and is used throughout many industries because it works for very small to very large items; the only limit is the size of press you are using.

Stamping Heavy Materials

In some cases, the material being stamped or formed by the press may be very heavy or thick. If the press is large enough, the material can still be formed. While thinner materials like sheet steel are more common, with enough pressure, a block of steel can be stamped into a very thin product. In some cases, the material is heated before stamping to make it more malleable, but there are times when that is not possible, as it may change the properties of the material.

Commonly Stamped Products

Stamping can be used for many different things that we use every day. Things like the metal sides on your toaster, the panels on your refrigerator, or even the fenders on your car may have been stamped out of sheet metal. Take a look around your home. You might be surprised at the things that you use all the time that were made using metal stamping.

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