Building A Green Home? 4 Must-Have Natural Products For Your New House

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Building A Green Home? 4 Must-Have Natural Products For Your New House

3 May 2017
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Green is in! More people are building green or environmentally friendly homes than ever before. Not only does green home construction save the environment by reducing land-fill waste and slowing down deforestation, it saves homeowners a lot of money. Thanks to renewable energy sources and efficient appliances, a green home can reduce utility bills by 30 to 60 percent. All of these are good reasons to make your next home a green home. If you're in the process of building a green home or thinking about it, check out these must-have natural products for your new house. 

Natural Spray Foam Insulation

A poorly insulated house uses more fossil fuel during the cold months than a well-insulated home, which raises the amount of greenhouse gasses released into the air. Therefore, the type of insulation you choose is vital to the health of the environment. Green spray foam insulation has a higher R-value (efficiency rating) than other types of insulation. You will stay much warmer in a home insulated with spray foam, and your furnace won't have to run as much. What's more, the production of some types of insulation releases harmful toxins and gases into the air. 

Recycled Metal Roofing

When possible, use recycled materials to build your home. Recycled building materials require less energy to produce, and they keep certain materials out of land fills. Metal is one of the most recycled materials on the planet, and it makes for a great roof. If you're struggling to choose the materials for your roof, think about getting a metal one. A metal roof will cost you less money and last longer than a traditional shingled roof. 

Plastic Composite Lumber

You use a lot of lumber when you build a house. Instead of using real wood, consider using lumber made from recycled plastic. Composite lumber is resistant to most types of insect infestations. It is very durable and requires negligible maintenance. Using composite lumber can also increase the value of your home. 

Tankless Water Heater

Select an energy-efficient furnace as well as a tankless water heater for your new green home. A tankless water heater uses less energy because it doesn't heat and reheat the same water. It only heats water as you use it, which decreases fuel consumption and water waste. 

There are numerous green building materials to choose from. If you want a truly green home, be sure to work with a green contractor who knows all the ins and outs of environmentally friendly construction.