3 Important Safety Items For Hangar Employees

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3 Important Safety Items For Hangar Employees

16 May 2018
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If you work in a hangar, there are a lot of potential safety hazards you have to account for. To improve your safety in this environment, you will need to invest in the following gear. They'll help reduce accidents and improve your confidence while working. 

LED Work Vests

In addition to large airplanes moving around these work sites, there are also heavy-duty machines like forklifts and luggage buggies. To ensure you're not hit by any of these machines, you need to wear an LED work vest. 

It provides portable lighting in outdoor and indoor environments, which makes you clearly visible from great distances. You therefore won't be as prone to getting hit and severely injured. There are different light settings you can choose from depending on how much LED light you want to display. Additionally, these vests are completely weatherproof and are extremely easy to secure around your upper body. 

Noise-Reduction Earmuffs 

Next to monster truck rallies, airports and hangars are some of the loudest places you could work. That's why it's so important to wear the right ear protection to avoid doing irreparable damage to your hearing. You'll have adequate protection when you wear noise-reduction earmuffs. 

Their noise-reduction technology helps you work safely around machines and systems that produce low-frequency noise. They also adjust to ensure you get a proper fit, no matter what head measurements you have. Some of these earmuffs also act as radio systems, which allow you to communicate with your fellow employees so that costly accidents are avoided. 

Industrial Traction Boots 

As mentioned earlier, there are a lot of heavy machinery and equipment moving around hangars. One wrong move could seriously injure your feet, thus limiting your mobility for an extended period of time. To ensure this doesn't happen to you, you can wear industrial traction boots.

They come with anti-slip outsoles, which give you supreme traction on virtually any type of surface. Even if you walk around areas where liquids like oil and gasoline are present, you can retain footing and not fall. These industrial boots also come equipped with a steel toe on the end, which protects your toes from heavy impacts. Anti-fatigue technology is also featured to help you stay active for hours.

Even though the aviation industry poses some safety hazards, you can prepare for them ahead of time by investing in the right aviation safety equipment. Once properly suited for these environments, you can work knowing you'll be ready for whatever comes your way.