Accessories For Your LMI Metering Pump And What They Do

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Accessories For Your LMI Metering Pump And What They Do

2 December 2018
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An LMI Roytronic metering pump is a new kind of chemical pump used in industrial settings. It may be used to move chemicals in small quantities very slowly through the line, or it may be used to lubricate machinery so that the lubricant is continuous and the machinery does not need to be stopped to be re-lubricated every few minutes. To customize the pump and make it work for your plant's specific needs, this pump has several different accessories. Here are just a few, and what those accessories do.

​Four-Function Valve

​A four-function valve can be attached to the back side of the pump. It has three in/out ports for the purpose of collecting, distributing, and/or mixing chemicals in small amounts, but in constant succession. There is also a turn valve on one side to control the flow of the ports. 

Injection Quills

Injection quills introduce corrosive chemicals or liquid medium into and through the metering pump. The "quills" are made of different materials, depending on what chemicals are being introduced via injection under pressure. For example, you might use a rubber injection quill for something as mild as water or simple oil lubricant. A metal quill is made for the most corrosive and volatile of chemicals because those chemicals are not likely to eat straight through the quill during use. Finally, there are plastic quills for mildly acidic to alkaline chemicals. If they need to be recycled and reused, they can be, but only if they are thoroughly flushed and rinsed.

​Digital Flow Monitors

​Digital flow monitors can be plugged into your metering pump either temporarily or indefinitely. They monitor the rate at which the pump is pushing and pulling chemicals in and through the line. This is valuable information because you might want to know if you have a pump that is not working efficiently, or not working at all. The flow monitor will alert you to changes in flow, halted flow that is not normal to operations, and a pump that needs repairs.

​Pressure Release Valves

​These valves come in various sizes. They are installed in the metering pump and used to control the amount of pressure on the back end of the pumping and metering processes. Pressure on the back end occasionally is too much for the pump, and overflows can occur. Hence, the pressure release valves ensure that too much pressure is released and the problem is corrected.

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