Mechanical Insulation Products Ideal For Commercial Kitchens

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Mechanical Insulation Products Ideal For Commercial Kitchens

31 August 2022
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Commercial kitchens operate much like science labs. As mass amounts of food get created in the kitchen areas, precise temperatures and conditions make a big difference in the way food turns out. The setup in a commercial kitchen matters just as much as the recipes used to create various foods.

The mechanical insulation used in a kitchen can help control temperatures, create a safe work environment, and ensure the operations of a kitchen runs smoothly. As you shop for mechanical insulation products for sale, consider the following three products and their use in a commercial kitchen location.

Fire Barrier Duct Wrap

Many commercial kitchens rely on grease ducts to suck in grease vapors collected from stoves, ovens, pans, and deep fryers. The grease ducts help transport the grease out of the kitchen and into a special disposable area before the vapors turn into solid grease again.

Add extra protection to grease ducts with the use of a fire barrier duct wrap. The insulated duct wraps cover the ducts completely and can protect the area from flames and the high heat of a fire. In most cases, the duct wrap protects the interior of the duct if a fire starts in the kitchen.

If the fire reaches the duct, the grease can quickly set on fire and spread through the whole duct. The wrap adds protection both ways, though. If grease happens to catch on fire inside the duct, then the wrap will protect the rest of the kitchen from excess flames.

Water-repellent Mineral Wool Pipe Insulation

Many kitchens require hot water temperatures for dishes, meal prep, and other equipment like steam tables. For the inlet and outlet pipes on the kitchen items, consider the use of water-repellent mineral wool pipe insulation. The insulation serves multiple purposes. The wool material helps prevent water condensation from the pipes and potentially slippery floors.

The pipe insulation also helps keep hot temperatures in the pipes and allows systems to run more efficiently. The material can withstand extreme temperatures and will help prevent excess heat loss to save commercial kitchens a lot of costs on their energy bills.

3. Peel & Stick Weather-proofing Cladding

Air vents, grease ducts, and HVAC systems often run through the roof of a commercial kitchen. In the cold months, you do not want to worry about extreme temperatures impacting the performance of exterior pipes. Add some extra protection with peel-and-stick weather-proof cladding.

Designed to look like the same material as ducts, the thin material can prevent freezing and allow all the ducts and vents to operate smoothly through all the cold months. The peel-and-stick design makes the cladding easy to attach.

Use mechanical insulation products for sale to help your commercial kitchen thrive and run efficiently.